FPL NEPAL 19/20, Get Ready for Season
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Classic League

256 Members, Battle for top spots.

Head to Head

8 Divisions, Each Fighting for place to win their division.

Elimination League

Can you survive elimination every gameweek and stand out alone till last?

Squad Battle

Defeat other squad with your 4 members squad.

FPL Nepal Cup

Lose and you are knockeed out. FPL NEPAL knockout cup.


Save yourself each week.

Weekly GW Winner

Highest point from each Division will be rewarded each week.

Monthly Winner

Highest points in a month will be rewarded.

Ultimate Champion

First be the champions of your Division, then battle your way to the top by defeating other Division Champions.

Who We Are

Innovating Fantasy Premier League

Founded in August of 2011, FPL Nepal is trusted community for people to get participants and take on against each other with twisting game modes based on world popular game "Fantasy Premier League". Fantasy Premier League gained its popularity in Nepal due to massive fan following of English Premier League. Currently on 9th Season, FPL Nepal started with just few members. But the community has been growing since with many positive feedbacks and supports. Everything is based on Official Fantasy Premier League. Users registered their account on the FPL Official site, set their team and try to achieve as much as points in order to stay up the table. FPL Nepal takes those points from Official Fantasy Premier League and creates its own game modes with better structure and rewards . Fpl Nepal just innovates the experience of playing Fantasy Premier League to a whole new different level.



How it works?

Set your team for each GW to try to bring good points.

Sign up on Official FPL Website fantasy.premierleague.com

Fpl Nepal will then fetch points from official fpl site then calculate the gameweek score of each member for every game modes.

Gameweek Score Calculations of Gameweek Score

After calculating , we will then post the results and standings on related game mode on their own page. It can be found on menu tab. We will also be posting on facebook groups and pages.

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Classic League Winner Season 18/19

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Gameweek 4 Keypoints

Changes in Safe Margin points in “I AM SAFE”

Changes in safe margin point system from World Class level We would like to inform all the managers that there has been changes in the safe margin system in I AM SAFE. Safe margins system has been change from world class to the end which is Ultimate . Newly effective changes :- World Class  Gameweek …

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