Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get register in PAID LEAGUE?

Registration opens during GW 34-35 of premier league. During opening of registration, it is posted in groups , page, twitter and instagram.

  • I missed the registration process, what should I do ?

In that case, you must wait until next season. However we run non paid fantasy league too.

  • I dont see my names on Ranking here in prediction league.

Ranking will be update as soon as match finishes, Some users have complaint about not seeing their names on ranking list, We suggest you to edit your profile and use LAST NAME too. It will show up.

  • Do we get seperate codes for FPL season?

Yes you will get seperate code for fpl season.

  • How will I get my rewards?

You will be contacted by admins thorugh FB , thats why you have to paste your FB profile link on your profile section.

  • What is Reg Code?

Reg Code is a password used to login to this site . It is given to all the paid members via FB inbox.