20th July 2018

Game Mode

Game Modes

Some of the info will be updated as gameweek progress.

Classic League

This is typical classic league of FPL. There will be 200 managers from all division fighting for that top 5 spots. 

Rewards 1st 7500, 2nd 3000 3rd 2000 4th 1000 5th 500

Prediction League

200 managers will be given a username and special password to log in on fplnepal website, where they can log in and enter their predictions.  This is the longest game mode of all . Each gameweek we will put up some matches and all you have predict. There will be points system for correct prediction, correct result, and so on. More info will be posted soon. Whoever grabs the top spot at the end of the season will take the rewards.

Rewards 1st 3000 2nd 2000 3rd 1000

Head to Head League

This Season one new division has been added which makes the total of 10 divisions. Respective managers from respective division will face each other twice .Point system is same as Premier league . Managers will not only be fighting for the 1st place but will also fight to stay in same division or gain promotion or avoid relegation. There is also Champions League and Europa Spot. This is the most important game mode of all regarding position and gameplay.

Rewards 1st 3000 2nd 1000 for each division.

Knockout Cup

All 200 managers will be randomly drawn against each other for this game mode. Take this as FA cup . One game lose means you are OUT ! for the winner they ll progress to next round and so on. 

Rewards 1st 2000 2nd 1000

Champions League & Europa League

Managers who were qualified for CL and Europa last season will be eligible to play this league. For new managers,  there will be qualifications round. Check out the this section for game format and rules. 

Rewards 1st 3000 2nd 1500

Gameweek Winner

This is one of the popular game mode among the managers. Every week, whoever brings the highest points from their division will be awarded Rs. 200 . Last season the rewards was 100, this season we doubled it to 200 .:) Cheers

Rewards 200 for each highest scorer from their respective division

Winner Among Gameweek Winner

This is one of the new game mode introduced this season. As the title says, whoever brings the highest point among GW WINNERS will be awarded Rs.50 extra which will sum their rewards total to 250. 

Monthly Prediction Winner

This is another new game mode introduced this season, as there will be monthly winner for highest point from prediction. This is the parents of Prediction League. As the prediction league goes on and on, we will also separate the points of each months and highest points will be rewarded. There is a higher chance it will have multiple managers with same points at the end of the month so we will count the manager that months FPL total score and will be rewarded. In case of FPL score same, there will be lucky draw.

Rewards 200

Elimination League

This is my favorite game mode of all. Out of 200 managers , some managers(number will be different as gameweek progress, it will be posted) with lowest points will be eliminated. Its like royal rumble + last man standing. As each week passes on and on, there will only be one manager at final week as a winner.Rules is simple, brings lowest and get eliminated.

Rewards – 3000

Super Prediction

This game mode will end just before the beginning of the season. In this game mode managers should predict the outcome of the whole season before the start of the season. Prediction will include Epl Winner, Highest Scorer, Highest Assist and Keeper with most assist.There prediction will be locked and recorded just before gameweek1 and result will be announced at the end of the season.

Rewards 500 on each category

Opponent Prediction & Fixture Prediction

This gamemode also applies the theory of Super prediction but only different is its result will be announced after gameweek 1. You ll have to predict your opponent of head to head form your division. For fixture prediction(already over), its the prediction of opening season of EPL which is already over.

Rewards 1000 ( opp prediction) 1000 ( Fixture Predictions)

The Survivors

In this game mode all you have to do is survive the relegation at the final gameweek. To be eligible for this game mode, you ll have to be in whether 18th, 19th or 20th position on gameweek 37 , then just survive the relegation on gameweek 38. Survive and win. There will be rewards for each survivors form each divisions. But there will be lucky draw if there are multiple survivors on same division.

Rewards 250 

Division Battle Royal

This is the third and final new game modes included this season. This game mode calls for unity among the managers inside their divisions. All the managers from each division total will be added every week and there will be clash among the divisions. Point system is same as EPL or head to head format. Divisions who ll bagged the top spot will win Rs. 5000 which means every managers from the winning division will be rewarded 250 each.

Rewards 5000 (250 each )

Achievement Mode | Manager of the Month

This game mode is mostly overshadowed or overlooked by the managers . But it can also fetches you some handsome rewards of you  some feat before other.

Achievements :-

1) 1st managers to bring 100 GW points

2)1st manager to cross 1000 points.

3) 1st manager to cross 180 GW score

4)1st Manager to score 2000 score

Rewards 200 for each achievements. 

Manager of the Month

Each month, admin will take a peak for manager who have highest points , their performances, transfers and matches. Then the manager will be awarded as “manager of the month” and will be rewarded.

Rewards 500 

Special Gameweek

As usual there will be special gameweek for big matches . It can include PL matches or Champions league matches too. It will be open predictions as it will be posted on group. Managers need to predict the outcome with some guidelines .

Rewards Depends on the matches.